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Rogue demons.  Vengeful angels. Ancient pirates.  Evil slavers.

Even a dryad or a common tax collector can ruin your day. 


What's a good woman to do, except pull leather and go to work.

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The Clockwork Detective

Constable of Aqualinne Book 1


Aubrey Hartman left the Imperial battlefields with a pocketful of medals, a fearsome reputation, and a clockwork leg. The Imperium diverts her trip home to investigate the murder of a young druwyd in a strange town. She is ordered to not only find the killer but prevent a full-scale war with the dreaded Fae.


It soon becomes clear that Aubrey has powerful enemies with plans to stop her before she gets started. Determined to solve the mystery, Aubrey must survive centaurs, thugs and a monster of pure destruction.


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Tears of Heaven ebook Redo.16x24.jpg
Tears of Heaven



        —Preditors & Editors Reader’s Poll 




Del is a sarcastic, fast-talking, dangerous, and unpredictable rogue demon hunter.  She and her partner Marrin take their orders directly from the angel Ahadiel.  They obey, or they’ll be destroyed.  It’s not the job Del wants, but it’s the job she has.

Thrilling danger, fast-paced adventure, high-seas action, and heart-warming romance fill this novel with a page-turning story that won't let you put it down.

1 Hell Becomes Her.jpg
Hell Becomes Her


Banishing demons is only slightly more daunting than raising a teenager. All things considered, Del has it pretty easy these days. She takes her orders, does her job, and goes home to kiss her daughter Jordan goodnight. But when Jordan is kidnapped, Del learns the world is even more dangerous than she believed.


Lost in the deserts of Northern Nevada, confronted with myths and legends hungry for her blood, Del may have to fight an entire army to get her daughter back.


She’ll pull down the Pillars of Heaven, if that’s what it takes.


1 Company of the Damned.jpg
Company of the Damned


Del’s life was supposed to be easier. She had safety, support, and a small army of immortals to help her banish rogue demons. She should have known better.


When the Archangel Michael himself orders her to account for her actions and face judgement, Del finds herself at a crossroads.


Trapped on an island in the Mediterranean, Del is outgunned, outnumbered, and outmaneuvered. While her shaky alliances are falling apart, old enemies and new traitors appear around every corner. It may take everything Del has to save all she’s worked for—including her own life.


Question of the Day: The Andre Polk Memorial Anthology


In 2017, Andre passed away suddenly, removing his positivity, his curiosity, and his wit from our world forever. The members of Space Opera: Writers group put together an anthology of poems and stories of a decidedly positive spin, shot through with some of Andre’s own Questions. A special thanks to Johnathan Clayborn (Clayborn Press) and Tom Evans (editor), whose pro bono work showed that they have poured their hearts and souls into getting this book published.


From a purely scifi angle, I believe you will enjoy the wonderful talent showcased in this book, but more importantly, all net proceeds from the sales of QUESTION OF THE DAY: THE ANDRE POLK MEMORIAL ANTHOLOGY will be given to his family.

In Shambles A Scarlett Nightmare Vol II


A wonderful horror cross-over anthology by some of the most exciting authors currently writing including Kevin J. Anderson, Bard Constantine and R.A. McCandless.  Anyone looking for interesting stories, realistic characters and thrilling action will enjoy these stories. 


Tinkered Tales Volume One: Gears, Gadgets & Steam


Gears turn. Gadgets whir. Steam rises. 

When the smoke clears, a story was left behind. One full of adventure and intrigue. In all, it takes the ingenuity of sixteen tinkerers to engineer this tale where airships fight dragons for control of the skies, robots discover the fountain of youth, and outlaws search for a source of power. 
Be as brave as a girl named Hawk and delve into this book. It’s no time for caution. 

Holes: An Indie Author Anthology


Starting with the theme of holes of any kind, an international group of indie authors put their writing minds to work to come up a collection of stories that will make you laugh, cry, shudder in fear, and want to clap your hands.


R.A. McCandless offers a young woman racing for her life and her love against the age of clockworks in Holes Full of Dark.


Nine Heroes: Tales of Heroic Fantasy


Nine tales of heroic fantasy by some of the most exciting authors working today. Stories include: Black Sword by Janet Morris and Chris Morris; The Act of Sleepless Nights by Walter Rhein; To Kill a Myth by Jesse Duckworth; No Life Too Small by Douglas R. Brown; To Live by Tom Barczak; Dozen by Shane Porteous; Just One Mistake by A.L. Butcher; Witness to Death by Teel James Glenn; Through the Sting of Fairy Smoke by R.A. McCandless


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